Dangerous Mold in Your Home Has Serious Health Consequences to You and Your Family

Is there a musty odor?

Has water damage recently occurred?

Is anyone in your home having health problems? Such as breathing problems, skin irritation, headaches or allergic reactions?

Have you found visible signs of mold?

If you have found mold growing in your home or think you may have mold, then it's important that you act quickly. Some varieties of mold are extremely toxic and present a serious danger to your health.

Your nose is a great tool for detecting the presence of mold. Mold smells and you'll be able to detect the distinctive odor that taints the air around moldy walls, carpet and other objects.

If you have visible signs of mold in your home, then your only option is to act fast! Mold can be dangerous. Some varieties of mold are extremely toxic and present a serious danger to your health.
On top of that, once established, mold can be very invasive and quickly take over your home.

Mold releases millions of spores into your home that grow anywhere there's moisture and a food source. Mold can even take hold in your heating and cooling ducts, spreading more spores into the air every time you use your heat or air conditioning.

What do You do if You Find Mold in Your Home in Petoskey, MI?

At any signs of mold in your home, acting quickly is essential, if you want to stop the problem before it gets out of control. If you smell a musty odor ANYWHERE in your home, this is pretty much a sure sign that you have mold.

If you have visible mold in your home, call a mold remediation expert right away. Often, if the problem is identified quickly enough, the mold is confined to a small area. If you wait too long, it will have a chance to spread throughout your entire home.

You need to fix the problem and you need to fix it fast.

Mold Removal 911 in Petoskey, michigan is your solution to eliminating your mold problem. A certified mold remediation expert will be at your home within one hour to assess your situation.

When a mold issue occurs, it can be scary.good_containment_1-a

Once at your home, our goal is to educate you about mold and help you understand what it takes to resolve your problem.

We specialize in mold detection, mold testing, mold remediation, and rebuild services.

Our knowledgeable team will design a plan of action that is specific to your needs to make sure that your mold is removed safely and effectively, but most importantly, we'll make sure it's removed quickly and permanently. This will allow you to get back on with your life, mold free.

If mold is detected in your home after our inspection, we use the most up-to-date, state of the art equipment and procedures to eliminate the mold from your home. This means we quarantine the mold with a negative pressure hood and suck the air out using HEPA filters, which are able to trap the spores and prevent them from spreading to the rest of your home.

Also, we check your home for water damage that may have caused the problem in the first place.

Most water damage is not a flooded basement or bathroom. Usually, the source of water is small but consistent and gives mold the source of moisture it needs to flourish. We use thermal imaging to test your home for any possible source of moisture leaking into it so that your mold problem will not return. Many mold removal companies do not do this, and that is a common reason for mold to return.

Call today and get a qualified expert from Petoskey, MI to your home to help you determine the severity of your mold problem. Mold Removal 911 has a track record of superior customer service and satisfaction. You want to get it right the first time. Improper mold remediation can damage the resale value of your home and negatively affect the health and welfare of you and your family.


My son one day had a mysterious rash on his arm. We took him to the doctor and didnt get any answers there. For the next year the rash would come back every few weeks. Finally a friend said I should have the air in my home tested form mold. The test revealed high levels of mold spores in the air. I contacted Mold Removal 911 and they came out my house and found the source of the mold. There was a leak on the foundation in the back corner of our finished basement. The inside of the walls where completely covered in mold and it had even infiltrated our heating system. Mold Removal 911 was able to fix the problem. After they had finished we had the air tested again and so far the problem has been fixed.

Sean Cardoso Houston, TX

My daughter was complaining of a musty smell in her closet. My wife decided to call Mold Removal 911 against my advice. I didnt think it could be a serious problem. They showed up at our house when I wasnt there but by the time I got home I was shocked at what they found growing behind the walls in her closet. They even identified the problem as a small leak in the bathtub drain adding excess moisture behind the walls. Im now grateful that my wife called that day and am more than happy with the service that Mold Removal 911 performed.
During a basement remodel an inspector found mold in the ceiling tiles and made us stop the project until we fixed the problem. I finally settled on Mold Removal 911 and am really happy with not only the speed at which they showed up to my house but how quickly they got the job done so that I could continue with my project.

Brandon Deveau Wilmington, NC

We thought that both our daughter had allergies for almost 8 years because thats what the doctors told us. Luckily my husband found mold growing on a chair in the basement so we called Mold Removal 911. They inspected our home and found what I thought to be an extensive mold problem. They seemed pretty relaxed about it and were able to fix it. It was embarrassing having the plastic around our house but as it turns out the allergies my daughter were experiencing is because they are allergic to the mold. Once the mold was removed their symptoms when away. Thank you Mold Removal 911!

Nikki Spencer Howell, MI

They came out and fixed the mold that I found growing my attic. I'm very pleased with their work.

Camilla O. Ann Arbor, MI

I was a little surprised when we found out we had mold in our home. But Im very glad we went with Mold Removal 911. I learned more than I ever want to know about mold from them but I felt they were honest and they fixed my mold issue. I couldnt be happier.

Patrick WeberLos Angeles, CA

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If you need a low cost, house/property restoration service, you are fortunate to be on this site. This website is going to give you insightful information on cost-effective restoration without compromise of the quality of work done. We do not intend to lure you by the use of the words LOW-COST RESTORATION SERVICES but make you aware of the fact that you will get the best services for the money you invest in us. Did you know there are several ways through which expenses on restoration can be reduced (even to $0 with proper negotiation with the insurance company) that inexperienced people might not know? This FAQ article is going to enlighten you on saving money as well as a lot more.

All the questions and anxieties you might be experiencing are likely to have already been answered in this FAQ. Just read it and take action. It has insightful information on different types of restoration, as well as ways of obtaining big savings. Ensure you attend to damages caused by fire, mold, or water quickly, as choosing to ignore them could make them more than just a health hazard. Ignoring them could also make your buildings age quick and look dilapidated. You need to act in time or risk losing your much valued home or building. To avoid wasting time while your property condition is worsening, you should get more insight from the below FAQs.

Mold Damage Restoration

Why do I need mold remediation services?

Mold on your structures is detrimental to the well-being of the people living or staying in the house. You should not ignore it. You need a good mold remediation service to get rid of it. Besides causing ill health, growing of mold could be a sign of other problems in your building, such as water that is not draining well. In other cases, you may have been hit by a more devastating mold you cannot afford to ignore any more.

How much should I expect to pay for mold remediation services?

The price of mold remediation services can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Insurance doesn't usually cover mold damages, unless it is directly connected to a disaster event, in which case there are many instances of successful claims. Working with a restoration company you can trust will ensure that standard procedures are followed and a reasonable claim can be made. Otherwise, you could be stuck with the unenviable choice of leaving the structure as a grave health threat or covering the work on your own dime. A qualified restoration team can facilitate accurate and credible testing of mold from your property through recognized laboratories. Restoration companies also help figure out the main cause of mold damage. Their investigation and the results of the tests can prove to be a valuable support to your claim.

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